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A Couple of Entrepreneurs:

A short original podcast

a couple of entrepreneurs

A series about couples who start a business together without ending their relationship. Listen to their unique stories. Get tips, advice, and the secret to entrepreneurial success.


Would you work with your spouse or significant other? Hosted by Tony and Micki Parente, co-founders of Branding Shorts, an award-winning creative agency.

If you'd like to be a guest on our show, contact us at

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micki and tony

Meet Jeff and Red Bonk. They run Homes By Bonk realty. With two young kids and a dog, they offer valuable tips on what they call not work life balance but work life "integration" and the keys to keeping a great relationship. For example, as Red says, "Once we took the time to clearly define our roles, we were able to succeed and didn't want to kill each other."


Meet Julie and Seth Jarrett, owners of Jarrett Creative and producers of critically acclaimed shows on A&E, the Travel and the History Channel including Celebrity Ghost Stories, and Famously Afraid. Learn why they were not afraid to go into business together. How they push each other more than non-couple entrepreneurs. and how that propels their success. And why their decision not to produce a well-known show doesn't haunt them.


When he lost his ad agency job, he and his wife joined forces to create the world’s first fully interactive and fully immersive theme ride at American Dream. Meet Vito and Amanda Zarrillo. Creators of Blast 7D, a new ride experience that blows away your senses and brings chills and thrills for adventurers of all ages. And, one of the keys to their success? Amanda's "sexy spreadsheets." Fasten your seat belts for this podcast. You’re about to take a ride with this Couple of Entrepreneurs.


Meet Frank and Jintana, owners of Frankly Thai restaurant in Franklin Square, NY. They know a thing or two about hot and spicy. Find out their secret recipe to success, and why their authentic dishes draw guests far and wide, including the Doobie Brothers, Chicago and Journey to name a few.

Orange Light Wave

Meet Charlotte and Mark. One cold winter day they were looking out their window at the snow and thinking about NJ taxes and knew it was time. These serial entrepreneurs, an ex-celebrant and ex-tech company owner, headed to Mexico and started their most unique creative business in Baja. Listen in - a very creative story.


Do you always agree with your spouse? Do you always agree with your business partner? Probably not. And when your business partner is your spouse the number of debates and disagreements can multiply exponentially and hurt not just your relationship but your business and livelyhood. This episode shares some incredibly valuable tips from successful entrepreneurial couples on how to avoid those nasty arguments and keep your relationship and your business running smoothly.


Meet Amanda and Steve DiPasquale, owners of the award-winning dessert food truck, Amanda Bananas.. Amanda and Steve share their story about what sparked the idea, how they tested and launched their amazing business. Learn the secrets to their a - "peel", and what they put in place to make sure they don't "slip" up. Why "monkey" around when you can learn from this business success story.


This episode features a a married couple - and a couple of brothers. Meet Jordan, Jared and Karen - the masterminds behind Schmidt Brothers Cutlery. They took a "stab" at working together and found out they're "cut" out for a family business. Listen in and learn what skills were most important to "sharpen" their success.


Their young dog was diagnosed with cancer. They created a diet that saved their dogs life - and their company was born. Learn more about their unique journey into the world of pet food. The strategy they developed to overcome a very "Ruff" time and start a new business. And how they landed on the perfect way to market and distribute it around the country. They truly deserve a round of "A Paws!.""Bone" Appetit!


In this episode celebrating our 1st 1000 downloads we’ll share a common theme that many of the couples discussed. The inspiration or event that led to the start of their business. The theme of this episode is one you often see used in movies. It’s “Out of the worst comes the best.”

Many of us think about starting a business but we don’t want to give up the security we may have in a corporate job with a steady paycheck. So we welcome you to listen to this episode and hear these couples tell us what drove them to start their successful business. Their answers may surprise you.


Meet Carol and Jeff Watson, the Couple who left successful corporate careers and took a leap of faith into the world of Bed and Breakfasts. Find out how that leap turned an old historic house on Cape Cod into a highly desirable travel destination. Welcome to the Captain Farris House.

micki and tony

This episode features yours truly. As founders of Branding Shorts Creative Agency and creators/hosts of the A Couple of Entrepreneurs podcast, we've interviewed many amazing couples in the past few months and learned a lot along the way. So, we thought it was time to share our story and invite a guest host who knows us better than anyone else. Our seven-year-old son, Ricky!


A military vet and an HR expert got together to create one of the best wine stores on the East Coast. Debbie Kemp and Mike Garcia, proud owners of Cork Wine stores. This couple, who have plenty of life experience, started a journey that builds relationships one customer at a time. And they bring a community together through innovative partnerships. Their tips for success are valuable for just about any business. It's the combination of military discipline and HR people skills that make their business a success story. Check out this episode to learn more.

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